Practice assigns Care Team

    • Providers​ - specific to procedure or patient

    • Patient co-ordinators

    • Front Desk

  • Patient can contact assigned Care Team through secure messaging system

Care Team

A communication tool:

  • Patients

  • Providers - one or more providers as designated

  • Support team - patient co-ordinators, front desk etc. as designated by practice

  • Secure and HIPPA compliant

  • Inboard - resides within the patient portal - does not use regular SMS

  • Bi-directional - all parties can receive and send messages

  • Great patient engagement tool:

    • Programmed communications - ask patient how they doing 2 days after procedure​


The most informative patient library:

  • Use Saratoga basic library of information

  • Add your information to the library

  • Provide procedure/condition specific information

  • Provide patient specific information

Everything your patients need to know about the procedure they have purchased and any other procedures you want them to know about.


A secure HIPPA compliant document folder:

  • Repository for all documents you wish to share with patients

  • Patients can upload any document, image, video or website url.

  • Newsletters, articles of interest or websites you want specific or all patents to see.

  • Patients can upload consent forms prior to visit. 


Patients are managed with specific procedure Care Plans:

  • Patient management pre and post procedures

  • Can have multiple Care Plans running simultaneously ie. skin care and fat reduction

  • Great to support package or series offerings

  • Improves procedure efficacy

  • Maintains patient engagement

Your Plan

Patient Procedures

  • Details of specific procedure the patient has signed up for

  • Electronic patient brochure

  • More expansive than patient brochure information

  • Collection of other patient before and afters - particularly shared information program

  • Information on complementary/supplementary products and procedures 


The patient Photo Module can be used as follows:

  • Before and after photos can easily be stored for the patient to review their progress 

  • Patients can take their own pictures at defined intervals which will be available to the provider on a real time basis

  • Providers can closely monitor post procedure recovery - eg. skin redness 


The patient journal is an important tool for patient engagement:

  • Pre and post procedure compliance

  • Symptom monitoring - require patients to record symptoms post procedure

  • Surveying patients:

    • Triggered responses

    • Ad hoc

    • Programmed time based



  • All past and future appointments will be recorded for patients' convenience.

  • Syncronizes with Google Calendar and Outlook 


Patients can set up reminders to carryout pre and post procedure protocols:

  • Intra day - morning and evening

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Scheduled visits


An industry first referral program:

  • Person referred is required to opt-in for qualified, convertible leads

  • All parties immediately notified by text and email

  • Patient can track rewards

  • Lead visibility - to all involved in the process


Sell more product online:

  • Easy access for patients

  • Alert patients of specials through the Messaging module

  • Remind patients when out of product - through re-order tracking system

  • Patients pick up or have product shipped direct to their homes

  • Help you set up an online store if you don't already have one