Gynecological Health

Women are faced with feminine health challenges as a normal part of the aging process. Of course, no matter how 'normal' that label may be, they are unwelcome in most instances. 


A combination of CO2 Fractional laser and the Auto Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation  (ALVR) handpiece delivers treatments to target vaginal atrophy and also delivers vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

How the ALVR Handpiece Works

Utilizing the low pain fractional mode of the CO2 fractional laser technology, the ALVR handpiece is able to target and treat conditions such as incontinence and painful intercourse.  Side effects are almost non-existent due to the automatic rotation vs manual rotation devices. 

Who is a viable candidate?

Essentially any woman experiencing frustrating feminine health issues is a viable candidate and can have the treatment done in minutes. 

The Bella Donna CO2 technology, in addition to the ALVR handpiece delivers life changing treatments for women.