The ezMINI starter is the most advanced Blood Concentrates system enabling the production of autologous Platelet-Rich-Fibrin (PRF). It includes :


- The ezMINISPIN centrifuge with unique pre-settings using the latest centrifugation technology (low speed concept).


- The EZ4K kit designed for the safe and easy blood draw of the patient, which is then centrifuged with the goal of obtaining the Ultimate Blood Concentrate (ezPRF) for tissues rejuvenation procedures.Each Kit is designed for one patient, including sterile, disposable ezPRF tubes , individually wrapped syringes, collection and transfer devices as well as a wide variety of needles.


1 x ezMINISPIN- Preconfigured, low RPM Centrifuge


5x EZ4K + 5x EZ2K - Blister of 2 EZPRF tubes - Blood collector set - Disposable tourniquet - 3ml luer-lock syringe - 5ml luer-lock syringe - 22G x 2 inches sharp Collection needle - 27G x 1/2 inches sharp needle - 30G x 1/2 inches sharp needle - 22G 2 inches DermaSculpt microcannula - 25G 1.5 inch microcannula DermaSculpt  - Female-to-female luer lock connector - 

EZPRF Starter (Call for Pricing)