Business Tip: How to Poll Patients

Determining what procedures to add to your practice can be a difficult decision. With so much new technology coming into the market it is hard to find the right device for your practice. After the necessities such as IPL and microdermabrasion there are numerous choices on how to grow your procedure offering.

Adding new technology is a necessity in the aesthetic business. Being on the cutting edge enables you to retain the patients you have and acquire new patients looking for specific treatments. That being said, making the wrong choice can prove very expensive. Whether it is adding a tattoo removal laser or a CO2 laser you need to make sure it is something your patient base wants.

Giving your clients survey is the best way to ensure there is demand for a new treatment. By simply adding a quick survey asking which other treatments they may be interested in with the intake form will give you the confidence to purchase new technology. Give it a month and see for yourself what will sell in your business.