Marketing Tip: Leverage Social Media to Draw New Clients

Social media has quickly become the main avenue to attract new patients to cosmetic practices. Long gone are the days of consumers going to the yellow pages to find the services they need, now they are flocking to Facebook for research and reviews of treatments and cosmetic practices. A recent survey found that 33% of the population are likely to do product research on Facebook and 51% are likely to buy a product from a business page they follow. Even more impressive is the fact that 68% of people are likely to buy a product recommended by a friend on Facebook. Having a social media presence may sound like an expensive and time consuming venture but it is one you cannot afford to overlook. Saratoga Technologies has partnered with Social Concierge a digital marketing company. Social Concierge will build, manage and post to your business pages with Facebook Google+ and many more. By posting 3-4 times a week you will stay front of mind to potential customers. Social media can be intimidating but it has become a necessity and we are here to help you make it a leading driver of patients to your business.