The Ultimate 3 in 1 facial

Since the introduction of microdermabrasion decades ago few advances have been made to the widely popular treatment. Whether it was using corundum crystals or a diamond tip, the end goal remained the same - to remove the stratum corneum which speeds up the natural exfoliation process revealing youthful looking skin. After the treatment many offices put on a topical serum and sunblock and that was that until now.

Recently, companies have made significant improvements to the stagnant technology and are taking advantage of the opportunity to infuse essential nutrients into the skin during the procedure. Pollogen has taken it a step further with the Geneo+ platform. They have created a device that not only exfoliates and infuses nutrients but is also able to get the bodies natural oxygen into the dermis through the Bohr effect.

The Geneo+ offers 2 different serums that may be infused into the skin during the treatment; one for anti-aging, and the other for skin lightening. Pollogen has also added a second ultrasound handpiece which helps drive product deeper into the skin after the procedure for maximum benefit. The 10-12 minute treatment can now exfoliate, oxygenate and infuse making it an all in one solution for facial treatments.